Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Industry News: Marketers increase coupon but redemption falls slightly

Interesting report from MediaPost this morning:

Coupon use is down, but still strong. And the growth area is non-food. According to NCH Marketing's 2013 Year-End Topline Coupon Facts report, the number of coupons issued to consumers for CPG products increased by 3.3% last year to 315 billion coupons distributed. But the total volume redeemed decreased last year by 3.4% to 2.8 billion.

Consumer interest in coupons remained strong, however. A report by NCH Marketing's parent, the 2013 Valassis Shopper Marketing Survey, found that about 81% of consumers reported using coupons regularly last year. Among those who reported using more coupons than the year before, 45.7% said they found that more coupons were available to them.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Calkins Media will offer Propel Marketing products and services to its local businesses

Propel Marketing, a leader in online marketing services, on the second day of the 2014 Key Executives Mega-Conference announcd an agreement with Calkins Media, which will now offer Propel Marketing’s products and services to businesses throughout the Philadelphia market, including responsive site design, search engine optimization, display advertising, search engine marketing, listings and local profiles, social media and online reputation management.

Calkins Media has formed a new digital marketing agency to offer these services, Calkins Digital Solutions.

Through this relationship, Propel Marketing and Calkins Digital Solutions will form an expert team to help smaller businesses do effective online marketing. The collaboration will enhance the marketing opportunities Calkins Media already offers in the Philadelphia region through print, video and digital advertising.

Exhibitor News: Content That Works partnering with Informed Interactive on native advertising

At the 20124 Key Executives Mega-Conference Tuesday, Content That Works announced that it will work with Informed Interactive to produce native advertising in more than 20 mid-metro and community media markets nationwide for local advertisers. It is the second sponsored-content partnership for CTW’s new division, Native AdvertisingThat Works, a unit devoted to developing creative, credible and highly targeted local advertising content.

“We consider native advertising one of the most promising digital marketing solutions we are adding to our portfolio for local clients this year, said Jay Small, president of Informed Interactive, a division of Evening Post Industries that handles interactive operations for the company. “We want the content of our native ads to be valuable to both clients and information consumers. So to develop that content we turned to the content team we could trust — Content That Works.”

Native Advertising That Works is a white-label resource that helps media companies produce local sponsored stories, slideshows and video for branded-content presentations. The company tailors sponsored-content programs to the specific goals of its media partners and to the profile of the local market.

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner than Informed Interactive,” said Paul Camp, CEO of Content That Works. “They are a top-notch organization, and their television stations and newspapers are market leaders. Plus, native advertising is a major part of their new-revenue initiatives for 2014. We are delighted to partner with them.”

To view the full press release and learn more about Native Advertising That Works and Informed Interactive, click here. For more information, email or call 866-626-6836.

Attendee News: SPARK Digital Sales Group debuts at the Mega-Conference

A group of digital advertising sales veterans chose the 2014 Key Executives Mega-Conference to debut their new company.

SPARK Digital Sales Group has a team with a combined 60 years of experience in digital advertising sales who have generated more than $50 million in revenue for media companies.

We have proven results with newspapers, broadcast media, and radio stations, offering a wide variety of comprehensive services to increase your online revenue—from online sales blitzes to hands on training with your sales team,” said Rex Kastner, an owner and business partner of SPARK.

SPARK’s expertise includes development of strategic sales plans, including pricing, packaging and presentations. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the company offers customized packages that include SEO, social media advertising, recruitment, optimized mobile advertising, texting packages, email marketing, website design and hosting, online reputation management, seminar selling, and other services.

The SPARKS team previously worked at “We remain a cohesive unit and have worked together for at least eight years,” said Tony Altobelli, an owner and business partner in the new company.

Owner Rex Kastner can be contacted at

Monday, February 24, 2014

Exhibitor News: Creative Circle and Roxen teaming up 
to provide new CMS option

Creative Circle and Roxen have integrated their platforms to supply a feature-rich, innovative and cost-effective editorial publishing system for print and digital operations.

“The newspaper industry has needed a better CMS option for a long time,” says Bill Ostendorf, president and founder of Creative Circle Media Solutions and a consultant to hundreds of media companies on three continents. “The result of this integration is a truly web-based, feature-rich editorial production system combined with an innovative, user-oriented web platform. This allows seamless  publishing to all print and digital channels.

“We’ve seen every system out there and advised many media companies on technology vendors,” said Ostendorf. “The problem is that mainframe, all-in-one platforms are too expensive and have cookie-cutter, poorly-designed web sites. Meanwhile, web vendors who try to create print ‘production systems’ don’t provide anything with the sophistication and ease of use of Roxen’s solution.”

Roxen’s editorial software was initially delveloped for the world’s largest global newspaper, Metro, with which publishes local editions on four continents. The Roxen Editorial Portal is ideal for targeted towards small- to mid-sized newspapers requiring efficient editorial processes, full production overview, efficient content and asset management as well as publishing to multiple channels simultaneously.

“In the market for editorial systems we are unique in that we are native to the web, and we have relentlessly refused to inherit the complexity of traditional news media production systems. The Roxen Editorial Portal provides a lean, integrated web-based solution for intake, production and distribution of content in all relevant channels, and it integrates seamlessly with other tools for content management, advertising and reader interaction”, says Per Östlund, CEO of Roxen.

 “Now, no newspaper will have to settle for an inadequate web portal or ‘print production lite.’ They can have industry-leading, fully integrated print and web platforms that allow for simultaneous publishing across existing and future channels,” says Ostendorf.

From Media Sponsor NetNewsCheck: E.W. Scripps' Symson wins Borrell Innovator's Award

Borrell Associates Inc. has selected Adam Symson, senior VP and chief digital officer for The E.W. Scripps Co., as the recipient of the 2014 Borrell Award of Merit.
The honor, also known as the Innovator’s Award, is bestowed on an executive who has taken an innovative and measurably successful path to help his or her local media company in its digital transformation. The award will be presented March 4 at Borrell’s annual Local Online Advertising Conference in New York City. Read the entire NetNewsCheck story here.
(As 1:30 PDT Monday approaches, Gordon Borrell is about to keynote the 2014 Key Executives Mega-Conference.)

Industry News: New deal gives Local Media Consortium member papers access to Google RTB advertising

The Local Media Consortium of more than 800 daily newspapers just announced a deal with  Google that will give them access to the search giant's real-time bidding (RTB or programmatic buying) for online advertising. Forbes has a good explanation of the advantages to both newspapers and Google of this new arrangement. Read it here.